Vera Cruz Coin

Vera Cruz Coin is a cryptocurrency based in scrypt algorithm and POW protocol. It was developed to build a long term financial problem, which is the security and speed regarding transfers. Thanks to our Blockchain technology, the efficiency of VCCO gives our clients a new hope bringing Blockchain instead of the old and not-efficient centralized financial system.



VERAEX is a global cryptocurrency exchange that will provide a platform for trading the best cryptocurrencies. VERAEX has done many accomplishments in order to assure our clients the security, liquidity and facility to exchange their crypto assets.

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VeraPay is a payment service provider that uses Blockchain technology as the main operational system. This technology assures 100% the security, due to be a open ledger and without possibility of manipulation. This project has been developed to be an alternative choice to e-commerces as well as in physical retail stores all around the world.

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